Ghosh Travels Blog Latest Products Mon, 24 Jun 2024 01:41:13 +0530 en-us Best Cars to Rent from Car Rental Services in Kolkata Mon, 01 Jul 2019 14:29:14 +0530 Not always, it is possible to bring out your own car for solving your purpose. Maybe you need to travel to a different State for any occasion or on a business tour. In such cases, it is more helpful if you take the journey in a car on rent, instead of bringing your car. Even if you are having many people with you, you need to rent a car. Rented cars in Kolkata are cheap considering to other metropolitan cities. This article is all about different cars that can fix your individual needs. • Luxury Cars on Rent: If you are thinking to plan a long trip to the outskirts of a beautiful village, luxury cars are all that you need. Long drives can be tiresome and sick if you do not get luxurious seats and a great air conditioner in the car. Having a spacious interior is also what you need. Don’t worry about that as car rental services in Kolkata bring the most spacious cars like SUVs for rent. Some of the top choices of customers are the Mahindra XUV, Toyota Fortuner, and the Mahindra Scorpio. You can also choose from other options like the Honda Jazz or the brand new Honda City. • Premium Cars on Rent: Official or business tours require premium cars. These cars look stunning on the exterior and dazzling on the inside. With great comfort, you also get top-notched features in the car. Even after having all these, you still do not need to compromise with space. Premium cars come from big brands like BMW, Volkswagen, and Skoda. • Wedding Cars on Rent: When you rent cars for a wedding in Kolkata, you can be sure that the car comes with great floral decoration. Wedding is an auspicious event. It is one of the most important days of your life. Make sure that you choose the right car according to the number of people whom you need to carry. Suzuki’s Swift Dezire, Chevrolet Beat and Tata Indigo are good to carry the married couple. For the guests, you can choose Tata Sumo, Chevrolet Tavera, or the Mahindra Scorpio even. • Mini Buses on Rent: Are you planning to go on a family excursion? Well, in that case, you need a minibus, which can carry about 13 to 26 passengers. Kolkata Tempo Traveller service and Tata Winger are the most-chosen ones by the customers. They are spacious and have adequate legroom, and they feel cosy inside.  • Luxury Coaches on Rent: If you need a big option to carry more than 30 or more people to a long distance, luxury coaches are the best. Individual rental companies even have Charter buses on their list, which you can rent if you need non-AC buses. There are also provisions for AC luxury bus services from Volvo. These coaches might be slightly on the costlier side, but the luxurious experience that they give is priceless. Above mentioned is a list of some of the top vehicles that you can rent in Kolkata. They serve you on every single purpose. Features of A Professional Car Rental Service Wed, 18 Sep 2019 11:41:18 +0530 The car has become an essential need in the day-to-day lives of people. But all people do not own cars. For people who do not own cars yet need one for their personal or professional use, car rental services are always available. But all car rental services in metropolitan cities like Kolkata do not provide with the best facilities that a customer can get. Therefore, people always look for a one car rental service Kolkata that can provide them with the best facilities and advantages that one can get. Finding such car rental services in Kolkata is not that hard as it seems to be. Such car rental services are available in different parts of Kolkata for people who do not own a car of their own or have a damaged car that is yet to be repaired.   Characteristics and Advantages of Car Rental System Today renting cars from car rental service providers has become very easy. With proper research work done, a person can rent a type of car from the car rental service providers and thus fulfill his needs with ease. Here are some advantages and aspects of opting for car rental services. • Easy Quoting for the Whole Travelling Fleet: Car rental service providers provide their customers with different kinds, sizes, and brands of cars that ensure a proper and safe journey for the entire traveling fleet without the rise of any space issues and compensations. • Low-cost Prices: Renting cars from car rental services has become very easy as well as cheap. They provide very inexpensive rates of renting and traveling in their cars. • Attractive Offers and Discounts: Car rental service companies bring forth various types of attractive offers for their customers and also provide high percentage discounts for special occasions and seasonal holidays. • User-Friendly Websites: Most car rental service companies have their websites and web pages that are very user-friendly. Their customers can easily go and check their websites on the internet and know about the various facilities, offers and discounts and also the types of cars provided by the service companies. • User-Friendly Methods for Application: There are different methods for applying and renting cars from car rental service companies. These methods provide the customers with all the information they need to know and follow before renting cars for their use. • Easy Renting Periods: The customers can also find the facility of easy renting periods. There are various plans and offers available for the customers to select as per the time for which they want to rent cars. Due to the availability of new systems and methods of payment and deposits, finding and opting for an A one car rental service Kolkata has become very easy and efficient. Car rental services in Kolkata have also made the renting and pick-up of cars available at different remote places and areas of Kolkata. The A-one car rental services in Kolkata also provide the facility of multi-language, making the communication between the service provider and the customer easier and user-friendly. What Are The Points That You Need To Check Before Hiring Luxury Volvo Bus Services? Mon, 23 Dec 2019 11:00:07 +0530 Hiring a bus for group travel is an obvious thing that one does. Especially in summer, it becomes tough to travel from one place to another for a tour and travelling purposes. This is the time when one should be hiring a luxury bus from Kolkata luxury AC Volvo bus services. This will provide great relief in the hot and humid weather of Kolkata. Your journey will be relaxing and tension-free, and it will be easy to assemble everyone in one vehicle. Therefore it becomes a stress and hassles free journey when you choose to hire a Volvo bus. But before you choose, here are certain things that you need to check and n confirm your booking.   After you hire AC coach make sure that it is working While you are travelling in or out of Kolkata, it is better to hire a luxury Volvo bus for all your family and friends to accommodate. The reason is that the temperature usually in here is humid and hit and it becomes tough to handle everything. The AC coach keeps everybody going and makes the journey relaxing by providing a cool surrounding to be in. This is the reason why hiring an AC Volvo is a cool idea and also make sure that it is working better.   The Seating Capacity The setting capacity is very important. What is the point of hiring a bus that doesn’t accommodate all your passengers comfortably? Therefore one should be looking for a bus that can accommodate everyone perfectly without much problem. Also, check that the seats on the bus are comfortable and soft for you to have a comfortable long journey.   Check whether the bus is properly maintained or not Usually, Kolkata luxury AC Volvo bus services provide you with buses that are well maintained and good. But sometimes it might happen that the bus is not maintained properly and are not organised properly. In such cases try and visit personally to check the bus in order to see if everything is perfect and fine. If there is something very wrong speaks to the concerned person about the problem and get it solved. This is because a fault can ruin your whole trip and fun.   The Driving Staff Make sure that the driver is trained and the other staffs on the bus are we mannered and friendly. Speak to your transporter about this matter and get somebody who is experienced and expert and trained. They should be certified for safety and should behave properly so that you can communicate all your problems to them during the journey frankly and get it solved as soon as possible. This is one of the most essential points that you need to check before hiring a bus.   Check that the transporter is experienced The transporter from whom you are renting the bus for your trip needs to be experienced and trustworthy. If you are travelling with friends and family, you cannot trust a new transporter who started recently and is still inexperienced. These are some points that you need to check before you hire a luxury Volvo bus for travel. Know The Benefits Of Hiring An AC Bus Service Thu, 12 Mar 2020 16:50:48 +0530 Are you planning a business trip, road trip or the other sort of long-distance travelling? What are you going to use? Some people will say that they're going to travel on their personal vehicles, others will say something different, but the trio becomes the best one when all are together that is why one should go hire a luxury bus. If you are in Kolkata, travelling in summers via a bus becomes different. To figure things out in a better way, there are several travel agencies which let you hire AC bus services in Kolkata.   Read on to know about the advantages of hiring an air-conditioned bus. Comfortable Compared to non-public cars and vans, buses are comfortable especially the air-conditioned one. You also get the liberty to face up and stretch without hitting your head. Long-distance travel buses have inclined seats so that you can slide and sleep if you would like to rest. If you're trying to find comfort and an honest time during your trip, travel buses are the simplest thing which will ever happen to you.   Economical Travelling by bus is reasonable compared to non-public cars. Think otherwise, you will need a lot of private cars which can hold only four people inside to reach your destination which is costly. All the four vehicles are going to be fuelled separately, and you'll get to take it to the mechanic. You will also find yourself spending 3 times more. But if you're employing a 20-seater bus, you'll travel together, fuelling one vehicle. This way, you'll find yourself saving tons.   Fun It is more fun travelling by bus. You have time to catch up and tell stories on the bus as you travel. You will be taking note of equivalent music, and people who love dancing will roll on the way to your destination. Travelling together, you will capture moments together. And this is often the rationale behind road trips. It will be fun when each group is travelling on their own and making their memories. All of you together will help you enjoy more and make plenty of memories to cherish forever than travelling in separate private cars.   Variety of Options Bus hire companies have buses in various designs and with different services. You get the liberty to settle on the one you would like. The businesses can customize the inside of the bus to what you would like. Features and adaptabilities like music system, Wi-Fi connection, bus with curtains on the windows, etc. make the trip more fun and enjoyable. Therefore, hiring a bus for a long journey with a group is a great idea. There are several benefits of doing so and one saves a lot of money and stays organised. To discover more advantages and experience a better road journey one should get a bus for the trip. If you are travelling in for weather hire AC bus services in Kolkata and have a comfortable journey. The privilege of getting Kolkata luxury car rental Sat, 27 Jun 2020 12:25:15 +0530 Car rental services are in command today. With the growing civilization and people getting busier every day, the car rental services act like saviors. Whether it is to commute within the city or moving outside anywhere in the country, they make useful help. These services are value for money and easily available.There are ranges of booming car rental companies in every city who offer wide varieties for the types of cars to their customers so that they can get their desired one. The varieties may include small, medium, and luxury cars. The rates of cars may vary with their sizes and offered services but it never crosses the limit so that the customer may need to break the bank!Chauffeurs of the rented cars are familiar with the routes, traffics, and they are very much well-mannered. They can drive professionally to offer a hassle-free and smooth drive to their clients. Also, the cars offered by the providers of luxury car rental services in Kolkata are rich with advanced features such as air conditioner, music system, safety lock, car freshener, power windows, and hence people get delighted with a comfortable ride to their destinations. Even some car companies also offer good music of choice on the way for their customers.Customers can share their rides with some other people like they can be their friends or family or simply a person in need to reach a similar destination of theirs. Many car rental services also provide emergency contacts to their clients to offer a safe and complete experience.So, be it an economic or a luxury car ride, car rental services in Kolkata and other cities are growing in popularity as they provide an honest service for their customers in town. Though a few tips regarding taking this facility will help you on your next ride.Let’s take a look at some of the best means to get the exact car that we desire.Analyze your requirements for the luxury car:Get the list of your requirements jotted down. With the surge in the number of manufacturers over the past years, the categories of cars have also increased by a huge amount. Now, there are at least a dozen classifications with a plethora of subcategories. If you have decided on a car earlier, you are sorted on this aspect.Bigger isn’t essentially better:The saying, “bigger is always better” doesn’t apply to the car rentals. The luxury car on rent in Kolkata varies in shape, color, and sizes. If you really don’t require a big car, getting one can land you in a heap of worries. Their fuel consumption can be cumbersome. God forbid, if you are traveling to a small town with narrow lanes, it may go blunders.Be flexible:Don’t just depend upon a single choice. Keep two-three options in mind for better choice and rentals.Tips for hiring cars on rentals:• Carefully choose what type of car you need like for a single journey or to ride with your family. If the number of people is higher a sedan or SUV will be a good choice.• If you are new to the town and want to hire for a Kolkata luxury car rental service then it’s better to make online research first. Go through the web ratings and follow the customer reviews, it will help.• To save some additional waiting time, make your bookings wisely in advance.The luxury car rental services are a big help for everyone especially for those who need to roam cities regularly. Best Places to Visit in Kolkata on a One Day Trip Fri, 11 Sep 2020 15:42:16 +0530 Kolkata, also known as the town of Joy, is a city that includes many historical and cultural features. One of the most beautiful sights you can see here is the wonderful nature of this city and well-preserved history. Being a hiker, you will still want to go on short excursions and discover the surrounding attractions of a place you know little.Near the town, there are a variety of spots offering quiet, scenic beaches, busy towns, or rural villages which you can easily visit using any Kolkata car travels. You'll have spoilt your choice of these beautiful places. And thanks to national parks and gardens there are some nice choices for those who enjoy nature.These are the most wonderful places that you shouldn’t miss on your single day trip to Kolkata:● Dakhineshwar Kali Temple -Established back in 1850, this temple is a place you would like to visit if you like architecture. Here is the Goddess Kali statue, situated in the centre of a hand-carved lotus. Other temples, including those dedicated to Lord Shiva are worth visiting in the area.Distance from Kolkata - 13kms.● Fort Raichak -Tourists can not skip the inclusion of Fort Raichak on the list while planning a day trip close to Kolkata. Now a resort, Fort Raichak is a beautifully charming British property. This 200-year-old spot offers an impression of absolute leisure for English clubhouses, rooms with views of the river, tennis courts, a luxury spa, lush green lawns and private pools.Distance from Kolkata - 50kms.● Bakkhali -Bakkhali is famous for its 7 km long, white sandy crescent beach, which tourists can explore for a one day trip in the vicinity of Kolkata. This location is the perfect way to avoid the city's chaos and noise. Travellers will also enjoy the Crocodile Park in addition to the sunset from the watchtower. In addition, the surrounding mangrove forest can be visited by visitorsDistance from Kolkata - 132kms.● Henry Island -A short day trip from Kolkata to the island of Henry can also be explored. There are miles of sandy beaches and clear sky. This is a wonderful place to visit. Travellers can also enjoy the freshest catch they ever find famous local specialities. But don't come back without a little swim in the sea.Distance from Kolkata - 130kms.● Diamond Harbor -This location is one of the attractions to visit from Kolkata for one day. Located on the River Ganga, you can see the confluence of Bay of Bengal. The sea is one of the major attractions that the people pay attention, as does the appearance of this place. You can enjoy a nice picnic with your family in this palace.Distance from Kolkata - 57kms.● Kolkata Snake Park -Started in 1977, Snake Park is a perfect place to spend a day near Kolkata. Spread over 2 acres of magnificent and lush greenery, this incredible park. In the field, you will be able to see terrariums of the king cobra and pythons, and even some marsh crocodiles Hire Premium Cars – Move like Road’s King Thu, 24 Dec 2020 14:48:02 +0530 In West Bengal, you can Hire Premium Cars and become the king of the road. You can enjoy a number of benefits during your travel time.Are you planning to have a special trip or vacation? Well, the first thing that approaches your mind is the best level of comfort at the beginning of the journey. Appointing the best rental car is the best way to do things in a better way. There is no need to get worried and you will not need to pay high for the special idea. Now, the car rental sector has turned quite competitive that they are offering special rates to their customers. Therefore, you can hire premium cars without paying high and your traveling goes within the budget.West Bengal is one of the best cities in India. It has several charms for the traveler and one of the oldest cities which are now modernized with time. If you are planning to West Bengal, Kolkata, Darjeeling, or Sikkim, you can easily hire Premium Cars in West Bengal. However, you can never speak about the benefits until you drive your own car. Thus, these cars are available with a chauffeur. The common kind of car types is Ford Crown Victoria and Pontiac Bonneville among others. Moreover, the travelers can enjoy a number of features which will confirm that you travel with the best level of ease.Make a Rental BookingWell, if you are looking for a car rental, you can easily make a booking online in the same way as other car rental booking. It is better to take out some time before finalizing travel; it is always finest to make the right comparison of special quotes from diverse firms. The majority of the companies have this car choice, but some of them completely deal with premium cars. These firms might charge you a bit additional than the standard ones. Thus, it is always finest to plan your travel, so that you get the finest rates offered.However, booking your car guard for a discount and plans the company offers. It will save some cash for you. You can look out for unseen fees and supplements which will not be noticeable on the web portal. Individually call society and clear all your queries and realize the loopholes. You should for insurance in case of any crash or damage. Moreover, you should make sure of the cancellation fee.FeaturesThe top features of a premium car comprise Anti-Lock Brakes, 6-Cylinder Engine, Air Bags, Automatic Transmission, Air Conditioning, Tilt Steering Wheel, Power-Assist Steering, Delay Wipers, Cassette Player, Tinted Windows, Power Locks/Windows, etc. A vehicle that has special features will make you the road’s king.You should confirm that the contract of the travel has been read cautiously and understood of all costs and payment and that no other cost different from the paper available. It is important to know about the hidden cost. Keep in mind that the weekend can be an expensive deal for everyone. So, if you wish to save more money, you should choose weekdays. Know About Kolkata Tempo Traveller Service Tue, 16 Mar 2021 13:33:46 +0530 Kolkata, the city of joy, is well-known far and wide for its rich culture, great architecture, extensive art forms and heart-warming festivals. If you planning to pay a visit to Kolkata then there are tons of things you just can’t miss out. Mouth watering street food to lively markets, there is a lot to cover in a single trip.When it comes to well-planned exploration of Kolkata, you have to pay extra attention to travelling. Journeys across this megacity can be very difficult and hectic at times. However you can rest easy with travelling when you opt for Kolkata Tempo Traveller Service.Why Should You Hire Tempo Traveller Service?Tempo Travellers for rent let’s you get a personal vehicle with ample leg space, luggage space and several lavish amenities. Apart from the fact that travelling around the city becomes effortless with Tempo traveller, it gives a pleasant and comfortable journey even for large groups.Perks Of Kolkata Tempo Traveller ServiceThere are multiple options if you wish to hire a tempo traveller in Kolkata. With the right service providers, you can enjoy it in various ways depending on the part of the city you want to travel. As a tourist or even as a resident, one cannot expect to know the way around Kolkata thoroughly. Tempo traveller service provide you with the comfort you desire. Safety issues at an unknown city is always a threat. This risk is eliminated with Kolkata tempo traveller service. Various options of multiple budget ranges help you find exactly what you need.FAQ About Kolkata Tempo Traveller ServiceYou may have a few queries about various features of Tempo traveller service in Kolkata. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers. Go through them to get most of your probable queries addressed.• What about the cleanliness of vehicles?• All the vehicles are regularly deep cleaned. They are dusted, washed and sanitised before and after every ride.• Is it safe to use tempo traveller during COVID-19 outbreak?• The staff is supplied with face masks, hand sanitizers and other required equipment to ensure safety from COVID-19 and other such diseases. All the travel rules set down by the government are maintained thoroughly.• Do Tempo Travellers abide by the travelling rules of the city?• All the guidelines laid down by Government. All required paper works and documents are regularly updated and the traffic criteria is fulfilled by the service providers.• Do they deliver what promised?• If you opt for the right service providers, you are guaranteed to get exactly what promised for tempo traveller service in Kolkata.Some Quick TipsWhen you are making the selection of a tempo traveller service in Kolkata, the following tips might come in handy to you. Give it a read.• Make sure to go for a trusted service provider when making the selection. Compare the ratings and reviews of different brands. Check their websites and then make an informed decision.• Compare the quotes shown by various Kolkata Tempo Traveller Service. Contact the ones befitting your requirements and select just the perfect tempo traveller for your party.Thanks for reading! Places To Cover When Booking A Kolkata Car Tour Package Sat, 29 May 2021 11:04:17 +0530 Kolkata, the capital city of India during the British rule, is known as one of the most colorful and culturally rich city in India. Every year, hundreds and thousands of travelers reach Kolkata to explore its vibrant culture that are infused with a colonial past. Whether we talk about its streets for food, its local markets, its colonial monuments, its architect, or anything else, the city is lined with so many places to visit that you would certainly need a personal car to travel the city and enjoy the charm of the city to the fullest. But since you are a traveler, having one’s own car could be an issue. But fret not, this can be solved by taking Kolkata car tour package services. They offer you cars, tempo travelers, premium cars, sedans, SUVs, and all else at a budget price and enable you to explore the city to the fullest. Now that the issue of your commute is resolved, let’s again move to the places you can visit when you have booked Kolkata car tour package services. So let’s have a look.   Howrah Bridge One of the most spectacular places to visit in Kolkata is none other than the Howrah Bridge. This bridge started operating for the general traffic in 1943 and was earlier known as the Rabindra Setu. This bridge is over the Hoogly Rover and connect the capital city of Kolkata with its nearby city Howrah. The most fascinating things about the Howrah Bridge is that it is built on a single span and there is not even a single pylons supporting it. This is one of the largest bridges built in this manner and people flock around it to view its grandiose and enjoy some authentic Kolkata street food around it.   Victoria Memorial If US has the White House, we have the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata. If you are planning to take Kolkata car tour package services, we would definitely recommend you to drive to the Victoria Memorial. It is a reflection of the colonial past of Kolkata and was named after the Queen of England, Queen Victoria. Tourists love to explore the sculptures and paintings in this building that highlights the 300-years of British Raj.   Dakshineshwar Kali Temple For the devotees of Maa Kali, the Dakshineshwar Kali Temple is one of the holiest places to visit in Kolkata during a car tour. It is located on the Eastern banks of the Hoogly river and many tourists plan their visit to Howrah Bridge along with this temple. It was built by Rani Rashmoni in the year 1855 and serves as a major attraction for all the tourists that want to seek the blessings of Maa Kali.   Belur Math The next tourist attraction that you can visit when you are taking a Kolkata car tour package service is the Belur Math. If you are coming to Dakshineshwar Kali Temple, all you need to do is take a boat and after a 20 mins ride, you can reach the holy place of Belur Math. Guide for booking the Kolkata car tour package Sat, 29 May 2021 13:37:23 +0530 Kolkata, Dominique Lapierre’s ‘The city of joy’, is a marvelous place to make a weekend trip. The capital of West Bengal is also known as ‘cultural capital of India’. This city conserves the fragments British Rule in its Victorian-aged architecture, cuisine, trams, etc. This glorious city is situated on the banks of River Ganges, and popular in the world for its hospitality, cuisine, culture, movies, and literature, which altogether makes it a perfect place to explore. If you are not aware of the must-visit places of this mesmerizing city, hire a travel agency to rent a Kolkata car tour package service for you. If you want to explore the best of Kolkata and its cultural social life, visit this city during Durga Puja, in the month of October. Thousands of tourists get attracted every year followed by its artistic and cultural sides. A glimpse of one day Kolkata car tour package service: The best time to visit Kolkata: The best time to visit Kolkata is between October and March of the year. During this time, the temperature remains pleasant and hence you can comfortably make a whole day sightseeing in the city. Winter is light here and makes a nice time to visit. Summer is hot and humid here, thus not suitable for comfortable tourism. Places to visit in Kolkata: 1. Dakshineshwar Kali Temple: Rani Rashmoni sponsored this temple to build in 1855. Shri Rama Krishna Paramahamsa achieved his spiritual visual here. 2. Belur Math & Ramkrishna Mission: Swami Vivekananda founded blur Math in 1938. The complex of the temple has a museum and other associated educational institutions including Ram Krishna Mission. 3. Nirmal Hriday – Mother Teresa’s Home Mother Teresa is the founder of Missionaries of Charity in 1950. Apart from serving the poor and sick, Nirmal Hriday is also dedicated to helping the mentally challenged, disabled, homeless, addicts, victims of epidemics, former prostitutes, and orphans. 4. Howrah Bridge: This is the most remarkable and iconic landmark of Kolkata. The massive steel structure stands sixth in the ranking of the longest cantilever bridges of the world. 5. St. John’s Church: It is the third ancient church of the City of Joy. The whole building of the church is built on the place of the old funeral ground. 6. Marble Palace: In 1835, Raja Rajendra Mullick built this residence palace. This building stands as evidence to his grand wealth. The shining marble floors of this palace signify a gorgeous collection of the Victorian sculptures and furniture. 7. Victoria Memorial: It is the pride of Kolkata and you much not miss visiting its huge museum collections. 8. Birla Planetarium: It one of the largest planetariums of the world and among the three planetariums present in India. When you book a car on rental for sightseeing, you can include the places you want to visit or exclude some from the visit list. Customized package services are available for making a tour in Kolkata, ask your travel agency for so. Don’t worry, the cars available for touring are hassle-free, spacious to sit together with your partners, luxurious and are available with all the modern amenities. So, hurry, book your weekend trip to Kolkata. You will certainly appreciate the hospitality of ‘The city of joy’. The Pros of Travelling in Luxury Car that you would not find Anywhere Else Sat, 29 May 2021 14:44:36 +0530 When traveling in a new city or trying to reach your destination, comfort should be your main criteria. The term ‘premium’ provides you with luxury featured car and a safe and comfortable journey. When you are hiring these types of cars, you get the best kind of performance. The accuracy and the features of the car give you a brand image or as you would call it travelling in style. In fact booking premium cars, you get experienced drivers and all other facilities that you would not get if you catch public transport or travel in a taxi. • Experience: When you opt for premium cars, it is guaranteed that you would get to enjoy the most comfortable journey. When you are going for long trips, public transports and taxis could make you uncomfortable. The seats and the jerking could really get frustrating at times. For these reasons, luxury cars are so much favoured by people. They provide you with a top quality air conditioning system, music system to listen to music when you are travelling, designed and comfortable seats. You get all of these when you hire premium cars in West Bengal. The cars are so beautifully designed that they cancel out all the noise from the outside and provide you with serene travelling experience. • Security: When travelling, security should be given utmost importance. The premium cars are actually durable vehicles and have a high-performance capacity. The safety features would ensure that you do not feel insecure while you are travelling. The sturdier construction of the vehicle helps it stand out from others and makes it so unique. The ABS brakes, lane drifting, sleep detectors all these features you get to take advantage of when you hire premium cars in West Bengal. • Experienced Drivers: Whether you have booked a car for airport car drop off or pick up, the driver you get is experienced in making you feel comfortable. From carrying your luggage to helping you reach your destination on time, they know it all. They know all the small shortcuts and would help you to avoid any kind of traffic jam which might otherwise cause a delay in reaching your destination. If you are taking car services to pick you up from the airport and your flight delays, they would wait for you there and would have a placard with your name on it. This way you do not have to go through any hassle of finding them.   • Top-Quality Features: The robust features of the premium cars would really leave you speechless. When it comes to the ultimate luxury, premium cars provide you with everything from leather seats, sleek design, etc. While choosing the company makes sure that you visit the company website once to do thorough research. Also, read testimonials when it comes to the service quality of the company. Travel in style with your family and friends with premium car services in a new destination. Quality companies always give priority to you and your family’s safety. Explore and experience car rental service in Kolkata Mon, 31 May 2021 12:44:41 +0530 According to the changing lifestyle choices in this modern world, more and more people are considering car rental service as a mode of transportation. Traveling by car, whether for your daily work or for pleasure trips, is very common these days. One of the biggest reasons to rent a car is the convenience that it brings. It is almost easy to rent a car these days given to the ease of booking over the phone or online. With reliable operators providing car rental service, one can choose the desired car from an extensive fleet of rental cars that include a compact SUV, electric vehicle, hatchback, sedan, luxury, MUV, SUV, etc. The cars for rent are usually well-maintained with comfort-enhancing utilities such as recliner seats, mobile phone charger and modern technology like a GPS system to make one's ride to their destination a smooth and hassle-free one. Depending on the mode of operation, car rental service providers in local circles charge customers by the duration or by the distance. Some travelers hire cars for a specific purpose, for pick-up and drop-off services and airport transfers. Clients can choose their desired car for rent from an extensive range of automobiles as per their budget and preferences.Advantages of car rental service:-Renting a car comes with several advantages, which are as follows:• A pick and drop facility can be opted by you as per your convenient time while traveling by train or a bus, you have to follow a definite schedule. One can avoid this hassle by renting a car.• Experienced drivers are available in the car during your tour or journey and there is absolutely no problem if you don't know how to drive.• By availing the car rental service, you have the option to choose your desired car as per your need. One can compare the prices of different car rental services and can choose one that suits your budget.• One can avoid the soaring taxi fare by availing car rental service.• You can travel to remote areas by availing car rental service while a bus or train will drop you at a certain point and cannot reach the remote places.Kolkata is known to have one of the best road networks in India. There are multiple car rental companies offering inter-city and intra-city transportation services. The car rental companies have marked distinct places for providing a high-quality array of car rental service in Kolkata. The offered array of car rental service is rendered by the experts to give the desired car as per client need. Apart from this, offered rental services are executed as per the customers need and stipulated time frame.The car rental service in Kolkata is provided with an experienced driver who offers you a hassle-free journey and also lets you reach your destination on time. The car rental companies provide a magnificent range of vehicles to its users. The range of vehicles provided by the car rental companies comprises of small and large four-wheelers, the most luxurious and premium sedans, convertibles and super premium SUV’s, that suit all budgets and purposes. The provided cars for rent are well maintained for the hassle-free and enjoyable driving experience. Highly experienced professionals are available to provide these car rental services in Kolkata with best possible management.Thus, it is highly suggested to choose the best car rental company to avail the car rental service in Kolkata for a hassle-free and enjoyable journey at very competitive prices. Reasons to hire a car tour package for Kolkata Mon, 31 May 2021 12:47:38 +0530 Kolkata is called the city of Joy. It had been the previous capital of the country and is regarded to be one of the most important ports. The city of Joy is a place with history, culture, diversity, and modernization. It is regarded to be one of the must visit places of the country. Though Kolkata is really small compared to the other metropolitan cities on the globe, it actually is quite gigantic.A perfect city tour of the city needs a perfect transport system hence various companies have special Kolkata car tour package services to explore the city well. Here is a list of a few reasons exactly why would you need t hire a car tour package service.1. To explore the cityMost importantly as a visitor or even a citizen, the city of joy has a number of places waiting to be explored. The main monuments and places of visit are spread across the city in such a way that to cover up most of the places, you are sure to need a car.2. TrafficFor a city that ranks amongst the top populated cities of the country, the traffic is huge. The number of rich people living in Kolkata is comparatively high hence the number of cars on road is more, which subsequently leads to higher traffic. At this point, a rented car will help you avoid those excruciating traffic time.3. Personal spaceIt can be unanimously agreed upon that while renting a private car for your city tour in Kolkata you also rent on personal space. The car would be just restricted to you hence keeping your belonging there would be perfectly okay and is sure to give you a hassle-free experience in your tour. Many places in the city forbid you to bring a couple of things which may seem like a necessity like a leather belt, wallet, cell phones, and a camera. So a personal car would be there to assist you.4. Self satisfactionFor anyone taking on a Kolkata car tour package services the most important feeling is satisfaction. The city has pieces of history along which needs to be witnessed without a tinge of a hurry but for that to happen you are sure to need your own personal vehicle.Hence a rented vehicle at your service does the needful. Reasons to hire Kolkata luxury AC Volvo bus services for a long journey Mon, 31 May 2021 12:50:31 +0530 Traveling is something that is relished the utmost when the excursion or ride is stress-free and relaxed. A major hurdle would come if you travel with a large number of people. Traveling from a long distance to Kolkata with a group of people; whether family or friends can pose a lot of problems if you choose local conveyance. It will take away all the fun of traveling. This is when you need to hire Kolkata luxury ac Volvo bus services.It can be a very practical and convenient option. Here are some reasons that justify why one should go for a Volvo bus service when planning any sort of a trip with a large group of people:1) Comfort:Who does not like to travel comfortably without having stuffed in a cramped space? A journey which would be uncomfortable, a tad bit torturous, can be avoided by going for a Volvo rental bus that would provide ample space and complete comfort.2) Trained Drivers:Driving on long journeys or trips can be a very wearisome task. But if you take bus rentals for the tour then you will get well-trained drivers that are well experienced with the roads and safety measures.3) Stay entertained:Traveling on a rental bus can be a lot of fun along with family. Hiring Kolkata luxury AC Volvo bus services is a great way to spend time while taking in the beautiful view that surrounds them during the travel.4) Economical and Easy:Hiring a bus service provider rather than taking some cars is certainly far cheaper and convenient. Anyone can save endless amount splurged on the fuel and upkeep of the vehicles. Also traveling in different vehicles and coordinating with their respective drivers can get really difficult. Going to a single large vehicle driven by a hired driver is far easier.5) Luggage Space:Travelling requires the bulk of luggage with a large group of people. Also, it is not possible to adjust a group of persons and their several bags into a small car. Volvo buses on hire, on the other hand, come with an abundant amount of luggage space.Hence, these are some noteworthy benefits of hiring a luxury Volvo bus service in Kolkata if you are planning for an outing with a big fat family.How to hire?Nowadays, hire any type of bus service online. There are many rental bus service providers with following features:1. Offer different types of vehicles2. Provide trained drivers3. Also ready with customization4. Timely rides5. Facilitates test drives6. Affordable rents for long tours How should you choose an Authentic Car Rental Company? Wed, 30 Nov 2022 15:34:03 +0530 A car hiring process is a unique activity that can help you to rent your favourite cars for various purposes. People can rent cars for a short time or a long time. Various car rental companies are present in the market that offers a unique range of car rental activity for your ultimate benefit. You can hire different types of cars from any authentic car rental company.  Car rental companies can help you to hire cars for other locations. Top car rental companies offer temporary vehicles for the benefit of travellers. People should reserve their preferred cars through an online portal.  One can hire different types of automobiles from an authentic car rental company, such as Motorcycle, trucks, vans, scooters, and luxurious cars. You can also hire premium cars through any genuine car rental company. Benefits of Hiring Premium Cars If you hire premium quality cars, you should get a few benefits, such as follows- • A premium car can create a great impression. If you are planning to go for a romantic gateway, try to rent a luxury vehicle to impress your partner.  • An authentic renting company can offer a variety of premium cars at an affordable price. It will help you to choose the best quality premium car. Hiding a premium car for a long time travelling is not necessary. It is helpful to hire for one-day trekking. • The cost of hiring a premium car is unique. If you are looking for a luxury vehicle, discuss your need with the car rental company. It will provide you cost-effective premium car. • Renting a luxury car will provide you with the best driving experience. Hire premium cars in west Bengal will give you the best driving experience. Process of Choosing the Car Rental Company One should consider the following factors while choosing a good quality car rental company for your ultimate benefit- 1.Reputation- If you want to hire a car for travelling purposes, you should consider the importance of the car rental company. A reputed car rental company cannot provide you with a bad quality car. It will help you to choose the best quality car for your travelling. They will suggest the type of car per your travelling time and distance. 2.Customer Care Service- When choosing a car rental company, you should consider the customer care service of this car rental company. An authentic car rental company should have a proper customer care department to help its clients contact the company per their requirements. 3.Vehicle Selection- An authentic car rental company will provide adequate time to select the car per your requirement. If you get sufficient time to choose the vehicle, it will help you significantly in many aspects.  If you are planning to travel with your family, you should look for a car rental company that provides various care and will accommodate your family correctly. To hire premium cars in west Bengal, choose a cost-effective and reputed car rental company. It will help you significantly. Wedding car rental services in Kolkata – Make your wedding journey memorable Tue, 28 Feb 2023 11:20:50 +0530 Wedding – a day of joy, feelings, and party. Planning this vital and awesome event is a chaotic task and having a long list of errands makes it even inferior. This is where Wedding Car Rental Services in Kolkata come to the rescue of the groom. Renting a car on your big day can take half of your concerns. As we recognize, a wedding house is nothing more than a place where everyone is going insane over uncompleted tasks – in all this confusion would you be able to recall to get your car cleaned, fueled, and decorated? This day is one of the most significant events in one’s life, then why make your entry in a shabby car?   Significance of hiring the wedding car rental services 1- It Is Convenient Having a wedding in Kolkata is nothing more than going crazy over the things that need to be done, so having one less duty works as a stress reliever. Hiring a reliable car rental can pick this whole burden of driving from your shoulders.   2- It Is Luxurious and Comfortable Booking a wedding car hire delivers you with a vital ride from your home to the wedding venue as it is relaxed, luxurious, and punctual. A wedding day can be very hectic for both the bride and groom as there is a lot of planning and organization going on till the very last minute.   3- Good support to reach on time Arriving on time for any occasion, particularly at weddings is almost impossible in Kolkata because of traffic. But if the wedding is yours then you shouldn’t back off from booking your vehicle and through Wedding Car Rental Services in Kolkata, they provide you with an experienced chauffeur who can drive you to your venue in no time.   4- Endless Options to Choose From While picking your wedding vehicle you have multiple options to select from, there are wedding car rentals in Kolkata that provide you with an extensive range of cars to pick from. You can also individually go and check the condition of the car for your satisfaction.   Things to consider before going for the wedding car booking The choice of cars for wedding car rental Your search for a wedding car rental service should start by determining the cars that you want to drive for you and your company. If in case, you want vintage cars to go with the wedding theme or tradition, your first move should be to find the service providers that rent out your choice of cars.   The distance travelled by the wedding car rental Most believed car rentals have particular packages for weddings. You will, however, need to have a basic impression of the distances to be travelled by cars to find the right package for your requirements.   The particulars of the contract or agreement Before you select a particular wedding car rental service, make sure you’ve gone through the contract and all the terms and circumstances involved.   The security risks and deposit Vintage and luxury cars are great for making a statement and making your wedding unforgettable. But their essential value also makes them a somewhat risky hire. Make sure you’re conscious of what’s to be probable in case of any damage to the cars. Enhancing your big day: The advantages of renting a wedding vehicle Fri, 03 Nov 2023 15:53:21 +0530 When organising a wedding, every detail counts, from the flowers to the music selection for the memorable first dance. Transportation is one of the most frequently disregarded but crucial aspects of any wedding. Wedding Car Rental Services in Kolkata  provide tasteful and useful options that can elevate and comfort your special day. Make a Striking Arrival. Since a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, it should begin with elegance. Making a spectacular debut while arriving at the location in a gorgeous, custom wedding dress automobile will leave a lasting impact on your guests. Classic antique automobiles and contemporary luxury cars are only two of the possibilities available for wedding car rentals. This lets you select the ideal one to go with your wedding's theme. An Unforgettable Moment For a Picture Weddings are the perfect way to save all the memories that last a lifetime. A leased wedding vehicle not only provides a striking entrance but also provides a fantastic background for keepsake pictures. These vehicles' elegant exteriors and sophisticated interiors might add intrigue to your wedding playlist. Easy Access For The Couple Brides and grooms are frequently under time constraints during the busy wedding preparations. This worry may be reduced by wedding car rental services in Kolkata, which can provide a luxurious vehicle on schedule. You may unwind and take it easy, concentrating on each other and having a good time on the trip. Guest Transportation Wedding automobile rentals may provide guest transportation in addition to transportation for the bride and groom. This is especially helpful if the locations of your ceremony and reception are different. You may guarantee that guests arrive on time by making travel arrangements for them. It lessens the possibility of inconveniences and delays. Personalised Design It's common for wedding car rental companies to let you personalise the car's accessories to fit your wedding's colour palette or theme. You may personalise the automobile with ribbons, signs, and floral arrangements. This personalization gives your wedding day a considerate and enduring impact. Dependable Assistance Selecting a wedding car rental services in Kolkata offers several benefits, one of which is the guarantee of dependable and skilled assistance. These suppliers are skilled at meeting the demands of the wedding party. They know how to make sure that their cars are spotless, and their services go above and beyond in terms of delivery. Accommodating Your Bridal Party Wedding cars are a great option for larger wedding parties as they can fit the whole group inside. It guarantees that everyone gets to the location at the same time. This facilitates wedding planning and allows for a shared experience.  Conclusion   Transportation shouldn't be disregarded even if wedding preparations might be a frenzy of options and decisions. A unique chance to add a touch of luxury, comfort, and elegance to your special day is presented by renting a wedding car. A wedding car rental can help you create priceless memories that you will remember for years to come. Choose from a variety of vehicles and services and arrive on your wedding day in style. Make sure it's a day your guests and you will remember for years to come. The Unseen Perks of AC Bus Rental in Kolkata for a Corporate Day Out Sat, 20 Jan 2024 10:18:01 +0530 Whether the purpose of the outing is team-building exercises, seminars, or just a day to relax, organising an office staff trip takes careful thought. Transportation is one frequently disregarded factor, and this is where the little AC bus enters the picture, turning a boring commute into an enjoyable one. Choosing AC Bus Coach Rental in Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal might be the game-changer you didn't know you needed.   Comfort on the Move: Your crew, stretched out on luxurious chairs, the bus's air conditioning creating a cool mural inside. In contrast to claustrophobic public transportation or the headache of arranging many automobiles, an AC bus offers a roomy and comfortable space for all passengers. The trip takes on a significance of its own, establishing the tone for the day.   Seamless Bonding Opportunities: Colleagues find themselves in a shared environment in the cramped AC bus, encouraging interactions that may not occur behind the office walls. Colleagues can bond over work tactics, personal stories, or even future project planning informally on the ride, which enhances the team chemistry in a manner that office arrangements seldom permit.   Tailored Routes for Convenience: You may choose your itinerary when renting an AC bus, making the trip as comfortable as the destination. Your staff doesn't have to assemble at one spot as an AC bus rental may pick them up from different locations, regardless of where your office is located—in the hectic centre of Kolkata or nestled away in the suburbs.   Productivity En Route: Despite what many people think, going on an outing doesn't always imply taking a day off from work. An AC bus with charging stations and Wi-Fi makes the commute an extension of the office. Workers may use this time to catch up on unread emails, take part in virtual meetings, or just get ready for the day's activities. This way, they can make sure that their outing doesn't result in a backlog of work when they return.   Safety First: When planning a work-related excursion, security must come first. Strict safety regulations are met by AC bus rentals, giving your staff a safe and regulated atmosphere. Your team will arrive at its location without incident thanks to skilled drivers, regular maintenance, and adherence to all safety requirements. This frees you up to concentrate on the day's schedule rather than worrying about transportation.   Cost-Effective Group Travel: Choosing to rent an AC bus allows you to benefit from economies of scale. It's typically more affordable to use a group of employees to split the expense of transportation than to use individual vehicles. This economical approach not only helps the business's budget but also enables staff members to take opulent vacations without breaking the bank.   Environmentally Conscious: An AC bus hire turns out to be an eco-friendly option in a time when sustainability is all the rage. Your office helps reduce carbon emissions by putting fewer individual automobiles on the road. It's a tiny step towards corporate responsibility that demonstrates your business's dedication to a more environmentally friendly future.The choice of transport, which is frequently overlooked when organising events for your office staff in Kolkata, may make or break the occasion. Choosing AC Bus Coach Rental in Kolkata not only guarantees a comfortable ride but also creates opportunities for cost savings, productivity, and team building. The AC bus is a quiet hero waiting to take your workplace outing to new heights of fun and togetherness in the energetic metropolis of Kolkata, where the trip may be just as fascinating as the destination.